About Me

I am Gökçe (pronounced Goeh-Kche). Since the first day I can remember, many things have changed in my life, my interests, ideas, circumstances, yet one thing always remained the same: my passion for recording all of it. If you are not convinced, I can show you my diary back from when I was 5.

When my dream of studying genetics came true, I realized that I did not really want to study it (wasn’t easy). After this very personal Age of Enlightenment, I shifted to engineering, where I could exploit my creativity and imagination to the fullest extent and get paid for it instead of being judged. Then, I saw during my internships, and after inhaling a few capsules of pepper gas, that most engineers were eventually destined to become minions (not the yellow ones), either of their boss or if they are the boss, of the economic order. So, I decided to use my knowledge in science for policy making, read “to struggle for an impossibly ideal world”. I can hear you say “Ha! A political platform that takes science seriously?” Well, maybe the actual reason for that is… Anyway, this is turning into a blog post.

Currently, I am pursuing a master’s degree in environmental science & management and already made up my mind about becoming a politician one day. Sorry mom & dad, your efforts to change my mind just didn’t work. However I don’t know when – certainly not before some politicians retire. Until that time, I will continue to speak against any form of injustice and inequality.

In my free time, I enjoy discovering America again (literally)* with my camera and my bike, exhausting my IMDb watchlist, reading books, writing stories inspired by song lyrics and sometimes playing computer games. When I have time from these, you can find me complaining about patriarchy, answering wake-up calls of the harsh reality, preparing Spotify playlists or, well, study.


*This is an idiom in Turkish, meaning “to waste time doing something that was already done”