My Reflections on Women’s March

Before going to bed after such a wonderful and exhausting day and turning this marvelous day into memory, I decided to write a couple of words about my experience at Women’s March Los Angeles.

First, I feel so proud and honored to have walked with 750,000 women and men of all colors, races, religions and sexual orientations to defend our rights, freedom and dignity from tyrants all over the world. I will never forget this special day and the solidarity of people. Freedom to protest in Turkey is nonexistent now. But being here, chanting, jumping, dancing and walking reminded me what it meant to be truly free from a dictator that turned my country into a dystopia only in a couple of years. It also reminded me why all dictators are so afraid of the slightest sign of opposition. Because it empowers, uplifts and unites people. And when people are empowered, uplifted and united, they gain courage and change things.

Not a single day goes by without thinking of the loved ones I left behind. Instead of letting this heartbreak consume my soul, I allow my it to feed my spirit so that I can have the power to always stand up and fight back wherever I see injustice. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. There is no way I can turn a blind eye to the injustice here while knowing firsthand how it feels.

Because of this, to me, defending minorities here means defending minorities there. Demanding equality here means demanding equality there. Fighting Donald Trump here means fighting Tayyip Erdoğan there. I may have been silenced in my homeland, but I won’t be silenced here. I am fired up now, ready to go.


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